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White Dou Plate

White Dou Plate


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The high “Dou” plates were dinnerware from the early Chinese Qin dynasty (2033-1562 B.C.) and were used for ceremonies. The height for the plate was designed to accommodate the sitting postures of the aristocrats on the ground. Kate Chung Design takes the form of the ancient Dou plate and modernizes it. It can be used as a beautiful party set for holding appetizers, pastries, fruits, or nuts. It can be also used as a plant or flower pot for decorating your home.

About the Designer

JIA in Chinese means home. JIA invites international designers with various cultural backgrounds to reinterpret Chinese object culture and traditional craftsmanship to create new directions in homeware.



  • Estimated Delivery: 3 weeks: will ship from Hong Kong
  • Material: Bio Degradable EPA Malanine
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Returns Policy: No returns accepted unless the product is damaged upon arrival
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  • Size: Diameter x Height 7.1 x 2.2 inches