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You have questions? We have answers! Or at least answers to some of life's questions... feel free to email us as well at: info@zengerine.com

What is Zengerine?

Zengerine ("Zen" + "tangerine") is the place where travel and shopping combine into something wonderful. Well, we're maybe not quite yet the fulfillment of our longer-term vision, but we're working towards it! 

We enable the discovery of unique home and fashion finds from around the world, starting with Asia. Zengerine is a marketing platform for international retailers, brands, and designers to have access to people who want to buy their products in the US.

How does Zengerine work?

Each time we have a new curated collection, we'll send you an email with unique products that we hope will delight you. Our site will feature several collection sales from international brands and designers. We also have a regular shop called Zengerine Picks where we feature selected favorite products for a limited time. 

We'll only send you an email when we have something new to announce. This means that email subscribers will get the latest and newest updates from us. Please do subscribe!

We use a theme-based approach to our collection sales.  The collection theme allows us to tell a story about where the products are from and who the designer or brand is behind the products. For example: “A home inspired by 1930s Shanghai,” “Dinnertime in Tokyo,” or “Tea in Northern India.”

By curating inspiring and high quality products from around the world, and sharing stories about where the products are from, we believe we are bringing US shoppers a great way to discover unique and delightful "world" products as if they were traveling and finding them firsthand.


Why did you start Zengerine?

We had friends who were looking for unique home and fashion products with an ethnic style and who didn't have an easy time finding them. At the same time, we realized that international brands, retailers and designers didn't have an effective way to sell their products into North America. We also love international travel and so we saw this as an opportunity we felt we could solve.


What types of products do you sell?

Our product categories cover home décor, bed and bath, kitchen and dining ware, fashion accessories, artwork, gifts, etc. For now, we are open to finding and selling any unique products except for perishable food items.


How do you find your products?

We work hard to find, filter, and curate high quality products that have a common theme of uniqueness. We have a small team of people who are doing their best to delight you! Often our products are directly sourced from abroad, other times we work with US partners who have already imported the products we desire.

What kinds of brands and designers do you work with?

We work with international brands, stores, and designers who we feel have unique and high quality products. In certain cases, we'll work with US based designers when they have unique products with a foreign influence.

I'm looking for a specific type of product not available in the US, can you help?

We would love to help you find a product. Tell us what you're looking for and what country you saw the product in by emailing us at info@zengerine.com. We'll try to assist you, especially if we are getting many similar product requests from other people.

As an international brand or designer, why should I work with Zengerine?

Our goal is to promote international designers, brands, stores and their products to US customers.  We aspire to be a high quality, higher end marketing platform for you to the North America market.

How do I sell my products on Zengerine?

We would love to hear from you! Please email us with "Sales" in the subject line at: info@zengerine.com

What payment options do I have?

We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express for United States customers. We also accept PayPal payments.

How do I create an account and how is it different than joining Zengerine's newsletter?

If you sign up for our email announcements on our home page or in the footer of our website by submitting your email to us, this enables you to receive our curated product collection announcement emails. 
But a customer account where you can login to Zengerine and have your shipping address pre-filled required that you create an account with a password after you purchase a product in the checkout process. There has been a lot of confusion on this and so for now, we've disabled customer accounts and you can only purchase products by entering your email into our website each time you buy.
We'll find a way to enable customer accounts in a way that will not be so confusing in the near future.